MNT Reimbursement can be intimidating and frustrating. This 3 (1) hour weekly MNT Reimbursement Bootcamp Webinar is designed to help registered dietitian nutritionists become health insurance providers, learn the steps to file claims, what ICD-10 and CPT codes to use and get paid for your services! Insurance billers welcome, too. Let Diane Greenleaf-Kisner, MS, RDN, LD, CDE, is the presentor and  has been getting reimbursed for MNT for over 15 years.  Earn 3 CEU’s from CDR

Dates: Session A – July 18, 2017, July 25, 2017 and August 1, 2017
                            Tuesdays at 6:30 pm CST
           Session B – July 21, 2017, July 28, 2017 and August 4, 2017
                             Fridays at 12 noon CST
 Cost – $109 per person

Webinars will be recorded for those that cannot attend the live sessions.

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